Socotra: Government forces put down new UAE-backed rebellion

5 October 2019
Socotra: Government forces put down new UAE-backed rebellion
عدن نيوز - Aden News:

Government forces in the province of Socotra archipelago continue to tighten control of the archipelago after ending an armed rebellion led by UAE militias in the province on Friday.

Local sources told “Aden News” that the army and security forces are now in control of all government and security facilities and institutions, after the failed rebellion led by the former director of the province’s security, Ali Rajdahi, backed by the UAE.

Al-Rajdahi was dismissed to days ago by a presidential decree.

The sources added that the local authorities is waiting for the rebels to withdraw from the “Shamil” center, as was agreed with the Saudi officials in the island.

If they don’t, the government authorities are going to use the force against them.

Mukhtar al-Rahabi, an adviser to the minister of information said on Saturday that the commander of the Saudi forces on Socotra island has taken an initiative that states: the dismissed security director and his militias have 24 hours to withdraw the center. They also have to hand over the official seal to the new director Fayez Tahis.

On Thursday, President Hadi issued a decree appointing Fayez Tahis as police chief of the Socotra archipelago.

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